Japan's Culture: Beliefs, Culture, And Culture

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Culture is defined as “beliefs, social forms, and material traits of racial, religious or social groups.” Many characteristics can define culture. You have values, language, religion, music and food. Eighty-four percent of people that live in Japan are either Shinto or Buddhist. Shinto is the belief that the world possessed Kami, which was a divine spirit. Buddhism is from the 6th century that came from China. They believe in wisdom, virtue and concentration. As times changed, the households have also changed. Many families have their elder parents living with them and marriages are no longer “arranged”. The country of Japan contains several thousand islands. About 50 percent of Japan is enveloped by mountainous terrain and forest. They like to compare it to Germany and California. Since there are several continental plates that meet, Japan experiences many earthquakes. Depending on where you are at the weather can differ. In some areas, you will experience all four seasons and others it’s mostly mild or hot. The people in Japan have a very interesting way of communicating with one another. Communication without using any words is believed to be telepathy. They call it “ishin denshin.” It is obviously completely different then Americans because we straight talk, but it is believed this line of communication is used because it is more subtle and more direct. For them it is a heart to heart conversation. Japan’s military history dates all the way back to

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