Jared By David Gifaldi Analysis

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The story “Jared” by David Gifaldi is about a 16 year old teenager named Jared who had been in an accident which resulted in having his face being burned. At first, he seemed to be a very lonely teenager who tried to isolate himself from the rest of the world. He believed that people would automatically judge him because of his appearance. Sooner or later, he finds his friends hanging out with some girls. As the third wheel, he did not want to ruin their fun by scaring off the girls with his demented face. One of his friends, Ryan, gives him Megan’s phone number, one of the girl’s at the mall. That night, Jared decided to call the number given to him after an appointment with Dr. Don, his therapist. This scene uncovers Jared’s risky side. Even though Jared is extremely shy and isolated, he still took this chance to talk to this girl whom he had never met with. The first phone conversation did not end well. But the next night, he called her again which shows that Jared is even more courageous than we thought he was. After the second phone call, Jared’s relationship with Megan begins to grow. But when Megan asks Jared to describe himself, Jared straight up lies to her. In the text Jared’s answer to Megan’s…show more content…
For one thing, being a very shy teen, he called a girl who he had never met before. Then, he tried again after his failed first attempt where he hung up on her which was even more considering that fact that he does not like to talk to anyone. In addition, he did everything he could in order to hid the truth from Megan. He never told her about the fire accident which could have potentially ruined their whole relationship. Also, he was willing to meet her up at the mall after months of hiding behind a phone and keeping himself hidden. Finally, he rebelled against his former life living in a “box” and went up to Megan and revealed his true self to her. There is no denying that Jared is a risk
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