Jarica Martarano: The Perfect Role Model

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People have influences and role models in life, typically a family member. On occasion, for athletes, coaches are a major influence. Throughout my career as an athlete, many coaches have come and gone and have been loved and hated, but none has had a greater impact than Jarica Martarano, my softball coach since sophomore year. She was born on August 24, 1992, she grew up on sports, including basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer. She only played soccer for a year because she got in trouble for pushing a girl so she did not want to play again. She fell in love with sports and became extremely dedicated. As she grew, she fell in love with softball and played softball at Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC), until she tore her hamstring.…show more content…
She’s a great role model because of how she supports everyone and lifts people up. She taught me that if you really want something then you can get it if you work hard enough. For example, she really wanted to coach JV softball, so she balanced her jobs, family, and relationship to come and coach. She wanted to give us a great experience because that is what she got when she was at Fruitland. You could tell that she loved working with younger girls because of how supportive she was. Our workouts were not easy but even though it took forever to finish, there she was smiling and encouraging us to keep going. She always puts everyone else’s needs above her own. Despite whatever happened during the day, the moment she stepped onto the field, she was the coach we all knew and loved. Jarica Martarano is someone I admire due to her dedication, helpfulness, and everything she has taught me about life and softball. In all, Jarica Martarano is a great role model for anyone and is a great paradigm for people to follow. Jarica is not an average person or coach, she is extraordinary. She is a natural born leader and teacher. She taught me important lessons only a coach can. Coaches and other role models allow younger people to grow morally, athletically, and overall into a good
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