Jarriett Hicks's Speech Analysis

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Jarriett Hicks I think that each of these three stories a very unique as they seem to be directly addressing a person or a group of people about religious equity. The response from Red Jacket to Joseph Cram, really speaks from the heart and shows that he has no remorse for Cram’s ridiculous statements. Who is Cram to say that there is only one religion and one correct way to praise God? The instance when Cram refused to shake hands with Jacket shows pure ignorance as he suggests that the Seneca religion to be the works of the devil. I find that the beginning of the speech shares some similarities with some of the creation stories we have read. Red Jacket refers to religion as The Great Spirit as he speaks of the abundance of foods and materials that the land produces for them. I do think that…show more content…
I like how he begins speaking from a white man’s perspective as he described the inhabitants of the land as savage like stating that it a place of prodigality and prostitution. This is a great example of the stereotypes created by the whites, because I find it hard to believe that an entire group of people behaved so abruptly. Like Jacket, Apess also discussed how rum was introduced to the Indians as a gift, but was a complete disgrace. Perhaps the Whites knew the power of the rum and used it as bait to control various peoples. Apess really was preaching facts when he says, “If black or red skins, or any other skin of color is disgraceful to God, it appears that he has disgraced himself a great deal-for he had made fifteen colored people to one white, and placed them upon this earth. I think he is saying that God created everyone equal and if you do not love your brother, then you should not be placing judgement. I think this address was very informative, straight to the point, and simplified an understanding of
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