Jarrod-Personal Narrative

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RE: Mind games [GoodGirlGrace/Mr Quixotic] Jarrod was curious to see if his words would shock her, or at least cause the woman to lose some of her composure, however Heather didn 't flinch at all. That was just fine with the rapist, this was their first session, and she 'd barely scratched the surface of the man who was Jarrod Cross. "I see." He nodded, and took a deep breath as contemplation 's of an appropriate response swirled through his mind, then decided to attempt to twist the Psychiatrist 's words, and use them against her. "I guess that 's true, and an issue I 've not considered before. From this moment on, I won 't be afraid to admit that passing a car accident, or hearing news of a vicious rape, results in me getting an erection. It 's probably normal for all men, however, as you infer, my um, problem, may be somewhat larger than others, and require additional attention? Attention you can provide." His tone was sarcastic, and Jarrod 's smirk made it clear that he was referring to something other than just his mental health. Then, without warning, his entire demeanour changed. A possible future career in Hollywood awaited. It was deliberate. "And what would be the catalyst for my issues, Heather?" The man 's elbows hit the desk and his…show more content…
"That never occurred. I had loving parents, and my childhood was without trauma. As for why I say the girl was humiliated and treated like an animal. Isn 't what you 'd do, Doctor, take your time to savour it? If it was me, I 'd degrade the dumb bitch, before," Jarrod made a slashing motion with his finger across his throat, "I killed her," then shook his head, and lowered his arm to his lap. "You know, I don 't believe you 're helping at all. In fact, it 's beginning to strike me, that I may depart this office worse off than when I entered. Are you certain you 're qualified, Heather, and your Therapeutic practices as you were taught in College? Or was your Degree purchased, and you 're simply
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