Jaschik's Winning Hearts And Minds In War On Plagiarism

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The initial draft about Jaschik’s article “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism,” lacks evidence related to the author’s analysis and shows imprecise and vague information about the author’s audience and purpose. It does not indicate the year in which the article was published, which is essential to give the reader a perception of how recent the article is. The initial draft starts with a brief and vague analysis of the article’s context, what makes it seems more like a summary than an actual analysis. The topic sentence does not introduce which rhetorical choices are being analyzed and what the author wants to accomplish implementing those. On the first paragraph, the writer states “Jaschik employs illustrations in order to support his purpose of…show more content…
It can be perceived in the first paragraph of the initial draft in which the writer states “an audience of first year English and college instructors interested in learning about higher education.” His audience is confusing and should be specified due to the fact that first year instructors can thus be college instructor and also college instructors can teach many different subjects not focused on writing. Additionally, there is a conflict about the author’s purpose throughout the initial draft. The writer makes it unclear if the author’s purpose is to persuade or inform. On the first body paragraph, the writer states “His purpose of informing the audience” however at the end of the body paragraph he states the opposite saying “Jaschik successfully persuades his intended audience”. Subsequently, the third body paragraph lacks conciseness and presents a poor sentence organization. Additionally, the paper does not provide solid examples of the type of illustrations that the article offers making it more difficult for readers to understand the material that is being

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