Jasmine Richardson Case Study

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On April 23rd 2006, 12 year old Jasmine Richardson had taken the lives of her parents and her 8 year old brother. She was not alone during the committing of these crimes. Her 23-year old forbidden boyfriend Jeremy Steinke was not only an accent to this murder but a culprit. Marc and Debra Richardson had lost their lives after making a rule that Jasmine and Jeremy were forbidden from seeing each other. Authorities were under the assumption that Jasmine was missing or had been abducted after finding the Richardson’s bodies but on the contrary Jasmine was the suspect for her family’s murders.
Jasmine had grown up in a loving environment, until she had met the love of her life Jeremy Steinke at a rock concert. Shortly after they became involved and Jeremy had introduced Jasmine to the gothic ways. After the Richardson’s finding out about the age difference between Jasmine and Jeremy they were furious and forbid their daughter from seeing him. Jasmine believed Jeremy was the love of her life. She had felt very angry and made a plot to murder her family. She informed her boyfriend of the plan in place and he was on board with the entire plan. Jeremy and Jasmine started with her parents stabbing her mother 12 times in the chest and her father 24 times as he was resisting. They then continued upstairs where her 8 year old brother was in
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They believe she had dependency issues as well as anxiety and depression. Jeremy believed that he was a 300 year old werewolf which leads me to think he is suffering from an illness as well. This is a proven fact that contemporary trait theory has taken place because she had inherited the behaviors that her boyfriend had. Chemical and Mineral Influences also took a toll on her as she was suffering with depression which had caused chemical imbalance and caused her to lash out at the people who had forbid her from being in love.( DREAMIN ' DEMON
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