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Would you believe that the mastermind of three murders could be out of jail in just eight years? Do you think it is fair that the other person involved with the murders was sentenced to life in jail and will only be eligible for parole after serving 25 years? Would it change your mind after knowing that the mastermind is just an 12-year-old? Jasmine Richardson was the 13 year old behind this terrible murder. Most wouldn’t believe someone that young could come up and go through with something that terrible. Jasmine and her boyfriend, Jeremy committed the murder. Jeremy was 23 years-olds. Jasmine was released just 10 years after the murder and he was sentenced to life. According to Antonia Monticelli’s article, “Murderous Children: Jasmine …show more content…

Jasmine met this boyfriend at a goth concert, they instantly were attracted to each other. Jasmine was not dressed like your average 12 year-old, she had her makeup done , hair done, etc. She did not look like an 12 year-old she seemed older. Jasmine instantly fell in love with Jeremy and his lifestyle. Jeremy has been a member of this web page about vampires, he believe he’s a 300 year-old werewolf and also convinced Jasmine he was also. Jasmines family did not agree with her boyfriend nor like him, they grounded her several time trying to prevent her from seeing him. Grounded her from seeing her boyfriend was the main reason they killed her family. Before they went on trial Jeremy purposed to …show more content…

When it came down to her choosing “guilt or not guilty” Jasmine couldn't even get over a whisper hardly but, she said he was not guilty. The trial didn’t last that only about a month. In July of 2007 they found Jasmine Richardson guilty on 3 counts of murder. After that Jasmine was sentenced to 10 years in jail which is the maximum sentence someone her age can receive. She was only 14 so she wasn't quite old enough to charge as an adult. Her sentence came with 18 hours credit served with four years she’d have to go to a psychiatric place. In 2015 is when Jasmine would be released and she then be 23 years-old. In 2008 Jeremy was sentenced to life and was convicted of three counts of murder. Jeremy will be up for parole after he serves for 25

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