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Jasmine Wu, aspiring journalist and student of the world, died Sunday after being trampled in the stampede towards Canada following news of Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency of the United States. Wu was born May 21, 1996 in Flushing, N.Y, a neighborhood in Queens, N.Y. Born to Taiwanese immigrants, Wu was an independent spirit from early on, as she had to learn English and translate for her Mandarin-speaking parents. Growing up in one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities, Wu found herself fascinated with other cultures and ways of thinking. “I’ve only known her for less than a year, but she’s gone off to do these really cool things to help people. She went to the Dominican Republic for a bit and then went to South Africa…show more content…
Not only was she guarded, but she wasn’t of the belief that caring about someone meant only telling them what they wanted to hear. In her traditional, intentionally challenging way, Wu was perfectly honest with the people closest to her. Though she wasn’t always openly sentimental or emotional, she made sure to always communicate honestly with those around her, even if it was a disagreement. “Jasmine is someone that you need to earn honesty from. Her honesty reveals a lot about who you are and how you portray yourself in public,” said Jou. Perhaps most importantly, however, this honesty translated into the way she lived her life. Wu was open about causes she believed in, openly against those she didn’t, and inherently honest in her pursuit of a more equal, developed world. Her brother recalls a fight they had in which he argued her worldview was overly idealistic, whereas he saw himself as more of a realist. Even still, he was impressed by her ability to listen to his point while still standing firm in her own beliefs. Though some called it idealistic, friends say that Wu truly saw an opportunity for an equal, better world. “If I could summarize her in a phrase, its that she has an almost transcendental way of living,” said Jou, admiring Wu’s worldliness and capacity for

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