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What do you Know About Jasmyne Bibbins?? I, Jasmyne Makaela Bibbins was born July 3rd 2003 at 8:05 am in Loma Linda, California. I was born to the proud parents of Michael and Lashae Bibbins. I share my birthday with Tom Cruise, a famous actor. I was originally going to be born in Los Angeles but my mom and dad thought Lake Elsinore would be a better place to settle down. Besides, the houses in Lake Elsinore are less expensive than houses in Los Angeles. Astrologers said that I would be a Cancerian and that I would be sensitive, understanding and fond of traditions. I believe this is true because I love our family picnics camping trips, and holiday parties.

My favorite hobby is reading and watching TV because I enjoy being entertained. My favorite book is the “Mocking Jay,” and my favorite TV show is Kim Possible. I adore the color pink and sparkles because I like bling and being super girly. My abilities are being athletic; I like to run track, play volleyball and basketball, being able to finish my homework, protecting my little sister from harm, and creating new experiences. I enjoy eating red beans and rice with short ribs. My qualities are having determination, faith, and being able to accomplish anything I put my mind to. My favorite
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I didn’t win but I earned recognition for my grades and attitude. That year I earned six A’s and six O’s for outstanding. Even though I ended well, sixth grade was not the greatest year for me because I made a lot of mistakes. I forgot homework assignments and due dates. In seventh grade I plan to work even harder and achieve honor roll. My other greatest accomplishment was when I was playing my favorite sport, volleyball. Whenever my team and I would play tournaments, we would always win at least one of our games. These are all the unique and amazing things so far in my incredible

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