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All epics have a national hero that is on a quest or adventure to find something valuable. In the epic Jason and the Argonauts (1963) directed by Don Chaffey, Jason, son of the lawful king of Thessaly, is attempting to overthrow King Pelias. He decides to go on a quest to the end of the world to find the golden fleece. The golden fleece, which has the magical abilities to get rid of famine, bring happiness, and heal, was essential in overthrowing King Pelias. Jason recruits the fittest men he could find in Greece-including Hercules and Hylas- and the team of men are known as the Argonauts. After overcoming many monsters and a difficult journey with the help of the goddess Hera and Phineas, Jason, the Argonauts, and Medea finally find the golden fleece. The epic Jason and the Argonauts display the characteristics national hero as an exemplar, vast setting, a quest, supernatural, fate, culture specific, conflicts, epic foil, and its functions are to explain laws, origins, destiny, and values. All throughout the epic, Jason is regarded as a national hero as of exemplar. For example, Jason saved Phineas from the harpies’ torments even though he knew it was against Zeus’s wishes. This shows that…show more content…
For example, the clashing rocks made it difficult for Jason and the Argonauts to sail through and get to Colchis. This shows that the clashing rocks were an external conflict. The clashing rocks were a conflict they would have to overcome to continue on with their quest to find the golden fleece. In addition, the last conflict Jason and the Argonauts had was having to fight against the skeletal army. This shows that fighting against the skeletal army was a external conflict. Jason, along with two other men, fought off the skeletal warriors that were created out of Hydra’s teeth while Medea and Argo escape with the golden fleece. The epic Jason and the Argonauts has demonstrated several external

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