Jason And Perseus Comparison

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Mantaj Aulakh
Ms. Butler
April 30, 2015
Intelligence is key Intelligence is a character trait that every hero must possess in order to be successful in what they do. Jason is a myth retold by Donna Rosenberg and Sorelle Baker, it is a tale about a hero named Jason that is given a mission to win the golden fleece and get back the kingdom that belonged to his father. Perseus on the other hand is also a story retold by Donna Rosenberg and Sorella Baker, it is about a hero named Perseus who sets out to get Medusa’s head in order to save his mother. Jason and Perseus are both similar because they are both brave. However, they are different in the sense that Jason is naïve and Perseus in quick witted, therefore Perseus is the better hero.
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Jason is naïve because he openly gives away his identity and is easily tricked which shows that he is lacking wisdom. “Jason revealed his identity, to Peleas's secret horror. Jason stated that he had come to recover for his father the throne of IoIcus, which rightfully belonged to him” (266). This shows that Jason is not exactly the brightest of people because by openly revealing his identity he forced king Peleas to become worried and with that the king would try everything in his power to destroy Jason. He caused more trouble than he had intended, he is clearly naïve because he is full of himself and thinks that he'll have no trouble doing such a task. On the other hand Perseus is quick-witted because he doesn’t hesitate to accept a challenge and he is quick on his feet. “Perseus could tell from the shining journey of Helius each day that they were travelling in a westward direction” (202) . This proves his intelligence and ability to think fast when under pressure which makes him quick witted. He was able to use very little information and figure out which way they were headed with is very smart of
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