Jason Behavioral Therapy

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Explained to Jason how behavioral therapy will help with his anxiety and it is focus on helping eradicate unwanted behavior. Jason will attend therapy in order to learn what thoughts and feeling has leaded him to feel anxious and be able to fully understand it. Explain to Jason the reason behind choosing this type of approach since a behavior is learned and it can be un-learned. The main goal is to help Jason learn a new positive behavior, which will lead to eliminate the issue of anxiety. Also explain to Jason I will incorporate a cognitive approach since it dealing with thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. As a counselor, I will help Jason understand any negative thoughts or attitudes he has towards himself and how it is affecting him and more importantly, how to change them. I explained to…show more content…
Jason will be able to hear how other people overcame addiction and create a strong support network. Also getting out and interacting with people who understand how it feels to have anxiety will help Jason as well. Jason more than likely develops better social skills. Group therapy session is really helpful with depression; it is reaching out to other who is going through similar issues. Once again will be able to hear different coping mechanisms that can help Jason. During the group therapy, there will be different type of activities such as trust building and games for each member in the session to get to know each other and get comfortable. Jason does not present any specific crisis at the moment. However, Jason does have a past experience with suicidal gesture. Jason admits to suicidal gesture after his father death. Jason planned was to overdose with pills. When Jason was in his room, he had the bottle of sleeping pills and was going to take about 20 sleeping pills. But Jason did not go through his plan because he was afraid. Since then Jason has thought about suicide but has never attempted
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