Jason Mccleskey: Movie Analysis

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As the chainsaws buzzed, the phones of those on the Homeowners Association would not stop ringing from the neighbors who were making complaints.The Parrett Mountain Estates, which is mostly made up of senior citizens has not been particularly fond of the McCleskey’s. They have been the culprits of other violations that include the fact that their play structure and basketball hoop that belong to Jason and Tracy McCleskey’s children are visible from the road. Other reasons for the disliking of the family’s presence is the fact that they have untrained dogs that have been known to run away and into other people's yards.
The cutting of the tree is said to have been planned weeks before the event took place. It was officially planned a few days before Father's Day in which Jason McCleskey later says that he considered it his Father’s Day present to himself. The reason that the McCleskey’s wanted the tree down so bad was because it blocked the open sky from their view. Although the family has a reasonable explanation people are astonished by the fact …show more content…

Three of the McCleskey members soon fled and went to the movie theater as an excuse. After that, the only remaining family members still home were Tracy McCleskey(mom) and Sondra McCleskey(grandma) who is commonly known as Crazy Granny due to her fun, and excitable spirit.. It was Crazy Granny that got the family out of this mess. When she saw the Homeowners Association people marching in, angrily as if they all were about explode, come, she quickly made an excuse that fixed everything. Her excuse was that pine needles from the tree were getting into the filters of their pool and clogging them up. Later, she explains that it was partially true, the needles did fall into the pool, but they didn’t cause as big a problem as she made them out to

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