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Art Analysis #1 The painting Autumn Rhythm was painted in 1950 by Jason Pollock. This particular painting was made with enamel on canvas and is 105 inches by 207 inches, which is approximately 8.75 feet by 17.25 feet. In 1957, this painting was purchased by Robert Hale to be placed on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, New York. The painting remains there until this day. Autumn Rhythm was painted with enamel paint, obviously on a very large canvas. Enamel paint is a type of paint that is specialized because of its ability to air dry and leave a hard and glossy finish to a painting. Enamel paint is also known for its heat resistant property. They are available in a wide range of colors, but the artist chose only 3 for this…show more content…
World War II began on June 27th, 1948 and ended on January 10th, 1950. Life in America wasn’t so great during this time mainly due to the government. Due to the war, the government was forced to control many things, especially things that affected natural goods. For example, citizens were allowed only three gallons of gas per week. Jackson Pollock was in his late thirties during this time so was probably feeling the effects of the implications put on the communities by the government and this may have had key effect on the painting. The colors used in the painting, like I said before, gives the painting a dark feel which could be how he described living in the U.S. in this disastrous time. The picture has very little clarity to what he was even thinking about, so the erratic lines across the painting could represent his mind at the time. Pollock also struggled with alcoholism most of his life, so Autumn Rhythm really explains the effect this may have had on him. Beginning in 1951, Pollock also began painting in darker color and tones. This period of paintings was called ‘Black Pourings’ and this specific painting (Autumn Rhythm) could have been a start to something no one saw

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