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Best Kept Secret: Two Designers Made In NYC

The concept of beauty is naturally something we want to evoke and Jason Santiago is the definition of that. The Bronx made fashion designer specializing in custom tailoring. He got his start on MTV, Sean John design competition. He embarked a successful journey working with major well-known clients. To be humble, I will only name a few Lauryn hill, Alica Keys and Zendaya. He has done bridesmaids dresses, boxing suits, Halloween costumes and much more. I believe he is just evolving; he is a designer that always wants to challenge himself.
His essential designs are a mix of street style and catwalk. Yet he varies his style for customer satisfaction. For someone who got a “D” in sewing class, he is a prime example why you should never give up on your dreams. You may think, oh another cliché, yet I really want to world to know you are the creator of your destiny. Jason a self-employed designer created his own future. I wonder how shameful his professor feels now.
Recently he did two sketches out his daughter 's doodle. I was beyond impressed by how he transformed her artwork into a masterpiece. He is a New
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She is a Brooklyn-based founder and owner of DeadGypsie. She touches your inner spirit with handmade creations targeting positive energy such as her “Jasper Marble” bracelet. The bracelet is sold at $7.95(yes you read it right! $7.95. The jasper is a great stone to have because all Jaspers are extremely nurturing stones. They stand for supporting and during times of stress and bringing feelings of peace. You can find more stones sustaining the chakra nature of sustaining the spiritual power in the human body, throughout her collection. She doesn’t only help bring clarity into your life she also have unique pieces, making one feel like a warrior princess fighting to sit on the train at 9:00 am ready to conquer the world or maybe it’s just
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