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When you think of friday the 13th you think horror movie, scary, supertistion, and some other think it's bad luck to be outside after dark. It's all based on a serial killer we all know as Jason he also can be a little kid nightmare if they really knew he actually wasn't a real serial killer. If you ever heard the name Jason you would know he has tons of movies based on his life and how he tries to keep people away from what we know his home Crystal Lake. He's heartless and roofless to others he doesn't speak all he shows is a act of violence. Jason to some could be a misunderstood character to some if you don't know his background story. The background store of Jason Voorhees, he was borned deformed. He lived at Crystal Lake with his mother Pamela Voorhees she was the cook at the camp. Jason was born and raised in the city of Crystal Lake. One year later two conselors were murdered, the killer revealed was no one other than Jason's mother Pamela Voorhees, beheaded by only one survivor, Alice. A year later Alice was murdered by a unseen killer later to reveal Jason kills to avenge his mothers death and to carry out her quest to keep Crystal Lake closed. I diagnose Jason with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD, a mental health condition triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying…show more content…
He has so many because of the issues he dealt with as as child and into his adulthood, he never got a chance to have a real childhood. These disorders makes up who Jason Voorhees is there are many mentally things going on with him that makes him act the way he is acting. When you actually break it down to see why a person is acting the way they are acting it starts to makes sense, they have to acting like this for a reason, not to be acting abnormially for no reason. Whenever you see a person acting abnormial there has to be a reason, they are acting that

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