Jasper Jones Act 5 Analysis

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The scene opens with a gun barrel pointing to the middle of the screen, this likely foreshadows that what is going to be on the screen will die. A bird then flies away but is shot down. Perhaps as well as death this signifies that there is no escape from the gun or no escape from Frank. It then cuts to the gun being put away perhaps a false sign that danger is over and then a close up of the firer of the gun who looks satisfied with his killing. Perhaps he is not completely a good person. The death is then contrasted with a young redhead as he runs through the brush, this is a very innocent image (Binary opposites). It is shot from the side and you have to look closely to make him out, this tells us something is hiding or we do not see everything. He then picks up the dead bird and we go back to signs of death and danger. We then here ambient noise including crickets which is quite a peaceful sound and so the audience are lulled into a false sense of security.…show more content…
The boy also looks; he wants to be like his father. Another noticeable clue in this shot is a large red jar which looks almost like it is filled with blood, another sign of death but more murder this time. Maureen starts to cut a loaf of bread but she cuts it in unusual way which makes the knife go towards her, again foreshadowing the death of the family. Silence falls over the land and the father checks for danger again, this builds up the suspense. The father then ushers his son to go inside to clean himself up, the audience however knows that that is not the only reason he was told to go inside. This is a false alarm though and so the audience are back into a sense of security. All these help make it far more shocking and dramatic when something or rather someone is there. In this shot a line goes through his neck, yet another use of the guillotine

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