Jasper Jones Craig Silvey Analysis

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‘Jasper Jones’-Craig Silvey (Novel): Craig Silvey’s second novel, Jasper Jones is a confronting story about a teenage boy, Charlie Bucktin growing up in a rural Australian town during the summer of 1965. In the story Charlie has to deal with some very deep and adult phenomena. The story gives a comprehensive account of Charlie finding out the harsh realities of the world and transitioning from boy hood to man hood. Characterisation- Silvey has included two characters, these being Jeffrey Lu and Jasper Jones whose families are not of a white background. These characters have been made a part of this novel because the two nationalities are experiencing social issues at that time. Silvey uses these characters to help establish an historical time period. The impact this has on the reader is to reinstate the…show more content…
This has been included by Facey because this was all he knew for a long time and helps to define him as a hardworking and accepting person. As the audience reads about Facey’s life they begin to feel empathetic and sympathetic when horrendous things are done to him. This conveys the ideas about Australian identity through his descriptions that living in the outback is what many think as being the Australian way of life and being grateful for being able to live a life that seems rough to others but to him was fortunate. ‘The Castle’-Rob Stitch (Movie): ‘The Castle’ is all about a stereotypical Australian family- the Kerrigan’s- who represent a large majority of the Australian populous. The Kerrigan’s, along with other residents in the Coolaroo suburb, receive eviction notices due to infrastructure expansion on their doorstep. The story follows Daryl Kerrigan who takes his case the high court of Australia and shows the success of an underdog. Stereotype
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