Jasper Jones Gender Equality Quotes

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Racism and gender equality are still relevant issues in Australia today, however, are not as dominant now as they were in 1965. (Dexter B. Wakefield, 2009) The film, ‘Jindabyne’ by Ray Lawrence and the novel, ‘Jasper Jones’ by Craig Silvey are two effective texts that incorporate individuals and relationships in society. Both Ray Lawrence and author Craig Silvey challenge the audiences in relation to how society treats these individuals, emphasising the themes, racism and gender equality. These perspectives are shown through context, characters and themes. As well as, audience influence, language devices and aesthetic features. Jindabyne and Jasper Jones both represent individuals and relationships in society, inclusive of similarities and differences within the texts. In the novel ‘Jasper Jones’, key moral conflicts based…show more content…
Where the misdemeanour, and no matter how clear their own child’s guilt, parents ask immediately: Were you with Jasper Jones? (P.g 5, Jasper Jones) This quote demonstrates how the audience originally believed Jasper was nothing but an annoyance to the community. Due to the Vietnam War being such a violent and tragic period in time, this added to the overall ferocity of the setting of the novel as the war influenced the 1960’s immensely. The Lu family who were Vietnamese immigrants were constantly outcast by traditionalists because of their Vietnamese heritage. This is demonstrated in the novel when a member from the town physically abuses Mrs. Lu because her son was elected through to Vietnam. Additionally, not one member of the community decided to help Mrs. Lu due to the fact that they believed this treatment was fair and that the Vietnamese family should tolerate the burden of the escalating anger about the war. (quote) The use of these racial comments enables the audience to feel sympathy and consideration towards the character, Jeffery
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