Jasper Jones Vs Pleasantville Essay

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This statement is inaccurate as when we are raised in a world where everyone thinks the same and are hardly ever influenced by outside sources, choices we are forced into making can lead to a distorted idea of who we know ourselves to be. When we are forced into making choices that lead to us having this distorted identity we try to fight the identity we have created. This can be shown through both texts Jasper Jones and Pleasantville, as illustrated by Ruth Bucktin and the people who live in the town of Pleasantville.

In the novel Jasper Jones we can see that choices we were once forced to make can lead to a distorted idea of who we know ourselves to be. This can lead to us fighting the identity we had established for ourselves and changing …show more content…

Therefore leading to them trying to fight this identity they had created for themselves. The people in the town had an altered idea of who they were, however when Jennifer and Bud come and start to cause change they are forced into making the choice of accepting it or trying to fight it. Most people chose to accept the changes and fight the person who they had always thought they were. Through the use of colour in this movie we can see that the town is slowly starting to accept the changes made and fight the previous identity they once had. The scene where the rose turns from black and white to red represents the changes occurring in the town and the fact that the people in Pleasantville are starting to embrace the change. By doing so they are fighting the past identities they had created and once known themselves to be, and creating new ones. The choice to do this was forced upon them and changed their perceptions of who they once knew themselves to be. Originally the people in Pleasantville were living in a town where they didn’t have much choice or freedom and everyone had the same views. However through the choices they were forced to make to change the town they realised that who they had always known themselves to be was not an accurate representation of who they were. This led to them trying

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