Jasper Vanderbilt: Plot Summary

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A tale as old as time consisted of one particular soul who’s story either made you weep in sorrow or fear for your life. He was said to be the most fearsome leader who ever walked the earth, embedding fear into all of his people. He resided in a castle on top of a hill, looming over the land he ruled below it. The man in the castle was known as Jasper Vanderbilt, the son of a noble family who resided in the mountainous region of North Carolina. He was a cruel man, who punished villagers without a trace of remorse. Some say that it started the day the Queen lost her battle with a cold the winter of the prince’s eleventh birth. Others say that he continued down his disastrous path when the only person he could love, his soulmate, was found dead…show more content…
Tearing through the village he took no mercy on any man who had dared to look at his beloved. It was rumored that the prince had killed over thirty village men, everyday he promised to come back and get his revenge. The winter of the prince’s twentieth birthday had come, that day Jasper did not step foot in the town and terrorize the village, still wary the villagers waited. A week had passed without a death or an appearance of the leader. Relief had washed over the town. For a witch by the name of Celeste had cursed the young man. He was never to roam the village again until he was helped to change his murderous…show more content…
“I would strongly advise against that.” A deep melodic voice sighs I turn quickly before seeing the most gorgeous man in the country leaning against the wall. He is tall, around 6’2” if I can guess correctly. His skin pale, but not sickly complemented his beautiful deep blue eyes. Dark black curls fell messily framing his face, light coverage of hair dusted his sharp jaw line, high cheek bones and plump lips drew my attention the center of his face. “I-I’m sorry… I didn’t realize anyone would be here…” I breath dropping my hand from the handle of the large oak door. “Trust me, nobody expects anyone to be here.” He chuckles lightly, pushing his weight off the wall he slowly walks circles around

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