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Today a student came to me in the tutoring lab asking how to approach an assignment she had been given. She was a Graphic Design major and her assignment was to analyze a poster and write a paper on what choices were made and reasons for its design. As a tutor, my strategy to conquering any students’ assignment with success is to make sure the student understands what the assignment is asking of her and what she needs to address. So we sat down and we made a list of what bases needed to be covered to complete the assignment. This paper is developed around on main thing: a poster. So, the first thing we did is find a poster she was both interested in and one that could cover all her goals. Then we created an outline, developed a thesis, and…show more content…
Main Point 1 will be the general artistic design of the poster and she will analyze the colors used and why they draw your attention. In this paragraph she will discuss information from the web about colors that contrast well and why. Main Point 2 will be the letters on the poster. Yes, there are only four, but they are effective as four letters can be and she will analyze and discuss why. Main Point 3 will cover the size of the shark compared to the person swimming above it. She will discuss why that is effective to viewers, how it foreshadows the movie, and what it is conveying. Her conclusion will tie all the main points together with a discussion on how without those main points she analyzed, the poster could not be as effective as an advisement. I then asked her after we were done if she was still confused or had any questions and she said yes. She asked if she should MLA format it even if it didn’t ask for it. I told her she should ask the instructor to

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