How Does Nick Mature In The Great Gatsby

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The great gatsby was revolted around the main character jay gatsby as gatsby represented the roaring twenties and the gilded age also the american dream as well as gatsby would not have to worry about money or keeping his name in the public’s eye of veiw gatsby threw parties he would spoil people with gifts and he would life a life that every american wanted to live in the twenties so when jay gatsby did die the gilded age the roaring twenties the american dream and of course the large parties all would die along side of jay gatsby .

It was clear that there was going to be some weird tensions or curiosity between nick and gatsby as it was very clear that when nick first met gatsby he didn’t know what to make of gatsby and you could tell that nick just didn’t like the man who gatsby was .
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As seen multiple times throughout the novel that nick would have never fallen for the things that he as seen gatsby fall for this is why nick had a distant relationship with daisy and jordon. Nick never was never really never at a dislike for gatsby just a weird feeling about gatsby but that went away after time and nick got to know who the real gatsby was . it was sown in chapter five through eiaght that nick didn’t mind behing the middle class guy who got to hang out with the rich lady’s man gatsby as he would learn things about gatsby that nobody had known about gatsby and nick relized what people truly wanted from gatsby but that’s the thing nick never saw gatsby as a rich guy who he just hung out wit but a friend that had a diffrent story to tell than everybody
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