Jay Gatsby American Dream Research Paper

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The American dream has been defined as “the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity” (Dictionary). There were many conflicts that characters encountered when trying to achieve their own American dream. Each character had their own specific dream, Jay Gatsby especially. Daisy, Jay Gatsby’s love, had an impact on his life, which led to the failure of his own American dream. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby almost lived out his American dream by finding the love of his life and almost fulfilling his dream to be with Daisy forever.
In the beginning of the novel, Jay Gatsby made a dream for himself that he would have possibly been able to accomplish if his life had not changed. He lived as a necessitous child and eventually enlisted and went into the military. When he was younger he had a planner, where he kept his schedule for a daily routine, which was a symbol of him striving to achieve his dreams. “One other
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In the end, Gatsby was the true demonstration of the American dream. “Whatever the American Dream has become, it 's truest contemporary representative remains in Jay Gatsby, at once a romantic idealist, and above all a victim of his own High Romantic, Keatsian Dream of love” (Bloom 5). The American dream had changed but was still within Gatsby. Gatsby was the heart of the American dream, Daisy was the representation of his dream that had been destroyed because of many things getting in his way.
Consequently, the dream had been lost and the meaning had been diminished. “In the Great Gatsby, the American Dream lost its meaning. It promised deepest and richest self-fulfillment for those who would make the most of their natural abilities” (Gross, Gross 9). There were such high expectations for the people who thought their dream was going to come true. Some people worked so much harder than others to finally pursue that dream, of becoming the best person or best image of themselves. They became who they thought
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