Jay Gatsby Selfish

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The Great Gatsby is a novel about Nick Carraway who has just moved into a new home on Long Island. Nick lives right next door to a huge mansion owned by Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a wealthy man who holds extravagant parties that are open to anyone. Nick is rather confused at first and often questions why Gatsby holds such parties. Nevertheless, after getting to know Mr. Gatsby, Nick learns about him more in depth. Nick has a high opinion of Gatsby because he fought in World War 1. He started out being dirt poor, and is the most respectable and nicest man he knows. Nick Carraway fought in World War 1 along with Gatsby. The smaller reason he has a high opinion of Mr. Gatsby is before he went off to fight in World War 1. It turns out that Jay Gatsby…show more content…
Nick likes Gatsby because he is mysterious. Gatsby is a respectable man and is one of the nicest men Nick knows. When Nick moved in next to Mr. Gatsby 's mansion, they never talked. Nick gets an invitation to Gatsby 's party. This is when Nick learns who Gatsby actually is. After hanging out with Mr. Gatsby for a while, Gatsby asked Nick to hang out with him the next day. After hanging out with Gatsby for a couple days Gatsby asks Nick to come grab a bite to eat with him. As they are driving through town, he tells Nick more about himself. This shows a connection between the events of World War I and Daisy. This also shows how Gatsby got his money. It is because Gatsby keeps his matters more to himself that he is mysterious. People cannot figure him out. Nick 's impression of Jay Gatsby is that he is a good man on the inside and he hides his emotions to look respectable. The events Nick Carraway has learned of Jay Gatsby are important for Nick to have a high opinion of him. Nick has a much higher regard for Gatsby in the sense that he was a part of World War 1. He was not a rich man to begin with and he had a dream he wanted to achieve. That he is mysterious and one of the most respectable men Nick Carraway has ever known. After learning, that Gatsby came from a dirt-poor family from rural North Dakota. His birth name being Jay Gatz, Nick refers to Jay Gatsby as the Great Gatsby. This is a result of Gatsby being dirt poor into being one of the richest
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