Jay Gatsby Transformation

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In the Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby plays a very interesting character. Jay Gatsby was the son of a farmer in the middle east. His actual name was James Gatz. When he was young around 17 years old he fell in love with a girl named Daisy Fay but she was rich. He was not “good enough” for her because he was poor while she was your usual rich girl who was only allowed to be with her “type” of people. James Gatz had to join the military which gave him and Daisy time to separate during this time period Daisy met many guys through this time she married a man named Tom Buchanan.Once Gatz returned from the war he found out about Daisy being married to Tom and he was hurt because he truly fell for her hard and this gave him motivation to try harder and do whatever he can to become rich so he could be able to meet Daisy once again and show her how much he has progressed and want her to return to him. Since Gatz wanted to become rich quick he started going…show more content…
Daisy does come alone and she recognizes Gatsby after a couple of minutes. They start to have an affair for a little while. Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan get invited to Daisy’s house. Of course Tom,Daisy’s husband is there and he notices Daisy and Gatsby were kind of weird with each other. Tom being a low temper man was mad at them and decided to go to the town. They all go and they stay at a hotel although in the hotel things start to heat up between Gatsby and Tom and they were about to get into a fist fight although Daisy tried stopping it. Since they were in an argument they decided to return home although in the way back Gatsby and Daisy were driving too fast and hit Myrtle on “accident” which caused to kill her instantly. They ran away from the accident and Tom told George that it was Gatsby. This made George go mad and went after Gatsby and shot him while he was in his pool. No one went to Gatsby’s funeral except his father and
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