Jay Gatsby's Downfall

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Who Killed the Great Gatsby Many people don’t want to see their loved ones and friends pass away by unnatural causes when they had so much potential. Sadly Jay Gatsby took this route to his grave. The novel “The Great Gatsby” by F.Scott Fitzgerald, focuses on the character Jay Gatsby who is a very bright and successful individual. But, because of his carelessness, emotions, dreams and being delusional turns everything for the worst which ends with Gatsby brutally murdered. Many people assume the obvious choice Tom Buchanan who is the husband of Daisy who’s having an affair with Gatsby because they believe Tom killed Gatsby, but in reality, the person who should be blamed is Gatsby himself. It has been shown that, throughout the book,…show more content…
Many believe that it’s Tom Buchannan to be blamed because he lies to Wilson who killed his wife Myrtle to get his revenge towards Gatsby by getting him killed for trying to take Daisy away from him. Gatsby could have prevented his own death if he didn’t lose to his own ego to claim Daisy, as his own to claim dominance over Tom would later seal his fate in a death bed. During chapter 7 things get heated when Tom and Gatsby started arguing “Your wife doesn’t love you …. she’s never loved you. She loves me”(131-7). Gatsby being idiotic and careless to reveal to tell Tom that he is having an affair with Daisy, his wife, is one of the most catastrophic and foolish decision Gatsby made. Another essential point is that Gatsby is delusional and a daydreamer who believes he can get everything he wants by reshaping it to his liking. In chapter 6 during a conversation with Nick and Gatsby, "You can't repeat the past," Gatsby replies, "Why of course you can"(110-6). Proving Gatsby being delusional and stubborn to believe he could reshape the past so that he could relight his relationship with Daisy, even if she married to Tom and also had a daughter. Gatsby being careless as well as delusional puts Tom over the edge because he feels threatened that some random bootlegger, know it all is trying to take away his wife from him. Gatsby being impetuous in his actions to challenge Tom’s dominance puts him in a situation where he is powerless and
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