Jay Roach's Trumbo: Social Injustice

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We have thought that we progressed through many social injustices, however, Jay Roach’s Trumbo revealed to us many of these issues that are still relevant today. The 1950s was a melting point of social injustices. Trumbo throws some of these injustices into the background, like racism and segregation. It is briefly mentioned in one scene. Another larger example is the use of propaganda. Characters in the movie were frightened by a non-existent threat known as the Red Menace. The red menace refers to the idea of communism and a non-existent threat of soviet spies. In the movie, Hedda Hopper had great influence over the media, and she could spread propaganda against the Hollywood 10 in this way. This threw Hollywood and the country into a state…show more content…
Dalton Trumbo’s freedom of speech was stripped away, not only by the government but also by the people of America. He was detained for promoting the idea of communism. His actions were justified by the first amendment. However, he ended up being detained for expressing what he thought. In a way, this happens to be censorship. This happens in real life as well. If we look at the state of North Korea’s free speech rights, we can vividly see clear instances of censorship. One example is that no news report or any news channel may talk ill about their leader. The country only has access to 28 websites all monitored by the government. By censoring, the government can keep down any thought of rebellion and continue to lead a fascist government. They will lead the country into thinking they are living a happy life, when every part of their lives is controlled by the government. The citizens cannot think for themselves. In a way, this happened in the movie Trumbo. Without knowing what communism really is and what these communists really were, the people of America hated on these people. The only thing they had that justified this hate was the propaganda the government fed
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