Jay Roc Alternate Ending

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He preferred people to call him by his street name, Jay-Roc. "I 'd rather call you Matt, as an abbreviation," Jay-Roc said. "No need for anybody to be called by their government name," Jay-Roc joked having a dry sense of humor. He revealed a half-way smile not wanting to show off his teeth, at least to not just anybody. He had a front tooth missing. "Jay-Roc. That name sounds weird," Matt looked behind him. "We 're about to head to the store. Are you coming?" Matt asked another classmate, making them three as a crowd. The other male classmate walked down three steps of a two-story house to tag along, as Jay-Roc kept staring at a female classmate he liked. She crossed the small block of the one-way street. Her name was Dani. She distanced herself to light-up and smoke a cigarette.…show more content…
More of a lover boy than a ladies man--just simply for the fact he didn 't think he was that handsome. Jay-Roc deemed himself a reject possibly from some wicked place and would have to always fight to fit in with society. Jay-Roc was sixteen then, with a poor attitude, thought about fighting, and constantly sought for the perfect life. The thought being stuck with a baby face for life would always have its advantages and disadvantages. Born into society as a loner, he hated it at that age when people would mention how old they thought he really was, making him at times feel like having it out for the person for even speaking on it. Jay-Roc didn 't feel like walking to catch up with his two male classmates. Those were his classmates at the time he attended this GED program called Youth Build. They headed to the corner store around the way. Not far from the house where they had to participate as community workers as part of the Youth Build
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