Jay Wilds Role In The Murder Case Of Hae Min Lee

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Jay Wilds plays an important role in the murder case of Hae Min Lee. He is the key witness in the case. Jay claims that Adnan Syed committed the murder. It seems to me that Jay has more involvement In Hae 's murder than he is letting on. Jay was interviewed by the police numerous times. It seems to me that Jay slightly changes his story every time. I don’t know why Jay would agree to help Adnan with Hae 's body. Jay is hiding something, no normal person would help someone with a dead body. Jay seems very sketchy, he admits to the police that he has lied on many accounts on his statements. He claimed at one point that he let Adnan use his shovels, why would you let someone that you are barely friends with use your shovels to bury a body? Jay 's stories…show more content…
There is time gaps in his stories that don’t make sense. I think he had some type of jealousy for Adnan. I feel like he knows the real story of what happened, he claims he does. I understood when he said that he was scared to contact the police but not to contact the police because you sell a little bit of pot doesn’t make sense. I personally feel like if he is telling the truth about Adnan and if he honestly wanted to help Hae then he would have told the police. You can 't just sit there knowing that someone you know is going to be murdered and not do anything about it, you would have that on your mind. I don 't believe Jay 's story at all, he is a sketchy person who can 't make his mind up about certain things.He keeps changing details in his stories, and his alibi doesn’t seem right to me. Jay keeps going back and forth on his word and how things actually happened. He doesn’t seem trustworthy to me. Why would someone tell another person that they are going to kill someone and they are barely friends with that person? That doesn 't make any sense, so then why would Adnan ask Jay for help? Jay said it himself that him and Adnan weren 't close, but yet Adnan told him that he was going to kill Hae and he needed his
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