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Jay-Z is a billionaire of Hip Hop. Shawn Corey Carter “Jay- z As the most famous rapper in the world Jay Z is the most entertainer and best businessman of his company. He’s mostly studies greatness in hip hop music, Artists producers in America. He’s also a leader in Def Jam Records, creating a clothing line. What I know marrying the women singer of his dreams Beyonce Knowles in 2008.
Early life
He was the last of her four children of his mother. Jay-Z mother Gloria Carter, believe that he was going to be a very special child. Jay-Z father Adnes Reeves did the worst thing to his family when Jay-Z was only 11 years old. His life after his father was gone was very hard. He didn’t have anyone to look up to nobody there for him when he needed anything only his mother Ms. Carter raised him in Brooklyn’s drug –infested Marcy Projects.
Personal Life
Jay-z and Beyonce welcome their first child, a daughter name Blue Ivy Carter, on
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I know that Jay-Z know how must the great success of his hard work, and success pays off in record labels, Jay-Z also invests a most huge profits in different industries as the proper Intelligent multi-millionaire in America Today. From his childhood he’s has built and accomplish is dream and goals. Jay-Z did his empire single-handedly with help with partnership. Importantly to him I think is courage and without any problems into the company.
What I know is that he’s 46 years old. His education was at Eli Whitney High school. Most Awards he has are amazing. Awards like America Music Awards for favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist in 2004, 2009. Things I know I love Jay-Z music. I will never be a rapper but I look up to him as a great entrepreneur. I love the most famous quote he made was “Only God can judge me so I’m done either love me or leave me along. That’s also one of his famous albums Name of all time with the most truth speaking raping

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