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Ever wanted to listen to something upbeat and hardcore? Then hip-hop is your choice. This genre of music avails you to bring out that aggressive side, without actually being so. There 're various artists that paved the way, not only in the hip-hop world, outside of it also. The most prominent rap entertainer of all time is none other than Jay- Z. He created numerous hits, for example, “99 Problems,” “Empire State of Mind”, and “Holy Grail” just to designate a few. Jay Z has multiple sides to him; he teaches us how to be successful, and show us what 's important in life v.s. What’s not. Jay - Z gives several sides of himself when creating his music and variety of businesses, by staying true to himself. Once in a while people may hear and see this hardcore man, and other times this soft and…show more content…
Although he’s a hip-hop artist, his style transmuted over time as he grew older; he went from sagging jeans to wearing suits and ties. Jay-Z had an apparel line called RocaWear, which he sold in 2007. This musician does not just rap, besides withal owns an NBA basketball team called the Nets. When looking for a career the employer does not need a person who has one skill set. Having more than one skill set helps you to secure an exceptional occupation, and lets the employer know that you are dependable when an employee is out sick. The number one thing Jay- Z did to become successful was hustle, hustle, hustle. Born in 1969, with his birth name Shawn Corey Carter, eventually gaining the rap name Jay- Z. Growing up in Marcy, a housing project in Brooklyn, New York he faced tons of challenges but was able to make it through it. Jay-Z’s

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