Jaycee Lee Dugard Character Analysis

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Jaycee Lee Dugard was just a little girl when she had her whole life snatched away from her. Everything Jaycee experienced in captivity made her the person she has become today. Many of the things Jaycee has gone through, others will never experience or even come close to going through in their own lives’. Jaycee Lee Dugard’s conflict with Phillip and Nancy teaches the reader that perseverance is needed in life through the horrific torturing Jaycee endured for 18 years.

At the age of eleven, Jaycee was abducted and stripped of her freedom and self-pride. She fell victim to two heartless people named Nancy and Phillip. Jaycee went through numerous amounts of rape and mental abuse. “All I could do was survive and endure…” (34).
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Jaycee looks at her situation with a better outlook and does not want her past to be any different. “I would never turn back the clock and change the way things worked out” (169). Jaycee now has her own family that she is so proud of. Even though the father is the man that wrongfully abducted her and raped her, the children are still hers and she takes care of them everyday. Jaycee’s new inspiration is her two daughters and being the best mother possible. Even though Jaycee has gone through so many negatives in her life, the two positives of her children negate all the pain and suffering that she has gone through. Being able to find the positives in such a terrible situation takes a person who is very mentally strong.
Perseverance is pushing through difficult situations and overcoming life challenges. Jaycee’s whole life has been challenging and very difficult for an eleven year old girl to experience. Using Jaycee as a prime example of how life is complex at times, goes to show that life does improve. To many, her life would be a living hell, but to Jaycee enduring all the suffering she has gone through because of Phillip and Nancy, to finally be free with her two daughters, makes all of her painful memories worth
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