Jayda Smiley: Why I Love Football

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Name: Jayda Smiley


I love football!Footbal is an awesome sport.Football can be called a lot of things in different countries and can be played as a national sport.Football can be a traditional sport too.The reason I like football is because its just an awesome sport.In other words life wouldnt be exciting without football.

Creator of football
The creater of football is known as Walter Camp.The first football was invented around 1862.Almost 35 percent of americans love football and say that it is there favorite sport and I´m one of those people too.People love football because the teams are valued more equally.Football cann also have many names.The reason why football has many names is becasue poeple in different countries call it something else.In the article it says ¨the man most responible for the transition from this rug by-like game to the sport of football we know today was Walter Camp ,known as the father of american football.I always wanted to know who was the creater of football and I always thought the creater of football would be young and not old.

Different names for football
There are a ton of names that you can call football.In other countries they call football something
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This is why I like football and this is a little information to who invented it,why people get emotional about it,and a ton of terms for it.When I Was younger I loved watching football with my uncle.He use to teach me how to catch and how to throw.Then as I started to get older he started to get busy.Then my mom had a baby and a couple of years pass and now he plays football.When my brother was playing football I went to all his games.Then my cousins played football too.When football was over for them we decided to play football our selves and as we were doing that I came more and more interested and obsessed paying it.I wonder if people in other countries play football differently than we do and how they feel about the
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