Jaydoc Free Clinic Case Study

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The JayDoc Free Clinic is a student-run volunteer clinic that offers non-urgent and preventive healthcare to uninsured and underinsured individuals (JayDoc Free Clinic, 2015). The staff is composed of a volunteer multidisciplinary healthcare team consisting of physicians, residents, medical students, pharmacists, pharmacy students, dieticians, mental health practitioners, social workers, and other allied-health professionals and students (JayDoc Free Clinic, 2015). JayDoc mostly functions as an acute care clinic, but offers specialized services on a weekly basis. The procedures for this clinic involve triaging patients accordingly before administering care, referring patients to specialty nights, or providing referrals to other clinics if the treatment resources are unavailable or inappropriate (JayDoc Free Clinic, 2015). Ultimately, JayDoc provides an educational opportunity for students while benefiting the community by promoting access to healthcare. Although a lack of health insurance is considered…show more content…
Similarly to the JayDoc Clinic, mobile health clinics act as healthcare safety nets when traditional medical services are unavailable or unattainable. This alternative approach to healthcare was developed to eliminate financial and nonfinancial barriers to accessing medical services (Bennet et al., 2009). Transportable clinics are particularly unique because they eliminate accommodation barriers such as time, transportation issues, and scheduling difficulties (Kullgren & Mclaughlin, 2010). Additionally, the return on investment for mobile health clinics was estimated at thirty-six dollars for every dollar invested; considering the value of life years saved and emergency room visits avoided (Bennet et al., 2009). This illustrates the potential for transportable care clinics to prevent excessive and unnecessary healthcare
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