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Jazz is as beautiful and is considered a grand style of music. Jazz does not have a standard pattern. It is, of course, necessary to say that in any Jazz Band there must be two sections provided instrumentally, the Rhythm Section – Piano, Bass and Drums (or other percussion instrument) – and the Horn Section – any woodwind or brass instrument – and depending on the number of instruments involved do we name the band’s form. Jazz is more flexible in terms of which instruments should be involved and what the music sounds like. Flexibility is a keyword in Jazz, because it relies on improvisation. Musicians are not expected to follow a rubric or pattern, but rather to ‘play around’ with the music provided and to make it their own as individual…show more content…
Duke Ellington was a very famous pianist and composer as well as a bandleader of early to mid-20th century. Duke Ellington was not only known for having been a notable Jazz player, but also for having had a significant sound that made him stand out among other players in front of his audience. His use of rhythms and melodies in a blended manner allowed audiences a new experience to truly feel and comprehend the beauty of Swing music. Glenn Miller was a big band musician, a songwriter and composer. He is most famous for having done the most known arrangement of the famous Jazz song, In the Mood. Glenn Miller was an inspiration during that period especially as it was during the Second World War. It is also known that whilst serving for the war in the Air Force his plane mysteriously vanished on its way to Paris. As for Duke Ellington, he was also a big band musician, composer and songwriter who composed more than thousands of songs during his lifetime. He performed in films, on Broadway and in regular places with his sextet. Some of his most famous compositions include It Don’t Mean a Thing and…show more content…
Charlie Parker, who was also simply known as Bird, introduced many new concepts and ideas while developing Bebop. He performed all chord substitutions and rapid tempos in his pieces with his sextet. One of the things Parker was famous for was contrafact, which in jazz means taking a known harmonic texture and composing onto it. Miles Davis was one of the most notable American jazz trumpeter, musician bandleader and developer of Bebop and other genres within Jazz. Miles Davis mostly used a harmony mute on his trumpet to create a lounge like sound in his music. The album Kind of Blue was noted as an album that changed Jazz history completely and revived the originality and liveliness of the

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