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On the day of Sunday April 10th, I went to a jazz ensemble concert at the Trinity University Ruth Taylor Recital Hall. This hall was much larger than the previous performance I attended. My first impression of the group was that they were relaxed and comfortable. For instance, when the drummer winked the drummer gave when the director explained his switch from the trumpet to drums.
The first piece, Swimming with the Sharks, was a lively piece. Listening to the piece made me feel as if i was in a superhero movie. This jazz performance the instrumentalist seemed to have fun with the pieces however the one before seemed more uptight. Also compared to the previous performance I attended there was a greater use of the guitar. The ending was heavy
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The baseline reminded me of the theme song to George Lopez. There was a gradual crescendos throughout the piece. The latin vibe leaves momentarily and now sounds like something heard in NYC.
The tenth piece, April in Paris, just like the other pieces had gradual crescendos and decrescendos. The piece included a slow tempo. I am not quite sure, but I believe I heard Merry-Go-Round played by one of the trumpet players. The ending to the piece had a continuous pattern of crescendos and pauses. Consequently, the audience became confused because they didn’t know when it was over. I thought it was a humorous way to “include” the audience.
In conclusion, my favorite piece was Tip Toe. I liked this piece because it really portrayed the dream state. As previously stated, the piece I didn’t like was In a Sentimental Mood. Not only because it made me tired, but the fact of how it dragged on without any entertaining moments. A fact that I appreciated was that it was the director’s first year at Trinity and he made sure he did an exceptional job on these pieces. Compared to the last performance I attended, I liked this one more because it was exciting and made me comfortable being

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