Jazz Concert Report

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Hamad Yousef
Dorsa James
Music 105
30 March 2015

Synopsis of Combo concert
Not very long ago, we have an event in our university, which was based on music most prominently. I have started to attend concert in USA not very long ago because of the difference between the cultures between my country and USA. But, this concert was very important to attend as it was happening in my own university so I decided to go for it. Now, I am actually very happy on my decision to attend the concert because it was so good rather I should say it felt so good that I can’t put my experience in words.
I have attended some classical concerts in USA and some other genres but this was my first time to attend a Jazz concert. Jazz genre of music uses totally different
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Every band was with the crew of the six and there were six instruments with each band.
First band started their concert with Blew yellow white song. That was good and I personally liked that song very much. Because of the very overwhelming music, this was purely a jazzy song. Then the band performs their next program and each one was quite interesting to see them play it and even more entertaining to ears. They performed for almost forty minutes and to be very honest I liked their every song. To be very short the time for which they stayed on the stage I was totally engaged for the whole time and noticing their every move. It was a delight to watch and listen to them.
While I was sitting there, there was very small number of people sitting there but by the way they were playing the music it looked like whole hall is filled with people. When listening to their music, it seems that I am sitting there listen to their music but in fact I was feeling like I was moving along with the jazzy beat of their music. But the music was so good that I lost track of time and in a blink of eye was the next band on the stage setting their instrument preparing to
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It is not often that a band uses six different musical instruments to perform on the stage and keeping the harmony in it but salute to bow ties they done it with a beauty. They also played five tracks and each and every one of all tracks was entertaining and refreshing. They have the typical jazz touch in their music which was the theme of the evening so they were heavily appreciated by the audience and they keep performing with the same touch throughout their
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