Jazz Concert Review Essay

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Of the various American art forms, jazz is probably one of the most unique and distinguishable. Jazz has proven to be an enduring music style, lasting over a century—from ragtime to present day. I had the good fortune of witnessing one of the world’s premier trumpet players—Wayne Bergeron—in action during Brazosport College’s Jazztravaganza. Featuring a multitude of bands, the concert lasted almost three hours. Nevertheless, my time was well spent as I heard the best jazz music my community had to offer. To start off the concert, the beginning bands from Clute, Freeport, and Lake Jackson Intermediate took the stage. As expected, the overall quality from these musicians was the lowest out of all the bands that performed that night due to inexperience. With this in mind,…show more content…
Due to their increased experience, these bands played more challenging music than the previous group. My favorite piece of the entire concert—MacArthur Park—was played by Brazoswood High School’s PM Jazz Band. Featuring a heavy trumpet lead played by Wayne Bergeron, MacArthur Park was in tune from beginning to end—despite being played almost exclusively in the upper register. The high notes played by Bergeron and the trumpet section were extremely well tuned and devoid of any of the screeches that frequently occur as a side effect of high notes. Although my favorite piece was MacArthur Park, I thought the most striking moment of the entire concert was when the lead trumpet from Brazoswood High School’s AM Jazz Band moved to the front of the stage and played alongside Bergeron during Bright Moments—matching him almost pitch for pitch. In summary, it is easy to see why the Brazoswood/Brazosport high schools claim to have the best jazz programs in the area. In my opinion, these high school bands matched or surpassed some smaller college bands’ levels of
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