Jazz Dance: The Evolution Of Jazz And Modern Dance

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Jazz and modern dance are two different genres of dance. Jazz dance started in the early
1700’s in Africa and was brought to America through the slave trade. Two pioneers that influenced jazz dance were Jack Cole and Katherine Dunham. Jack Cole was called “the Father of theatrical jazz dance” and is remembered as the prime creator of the jazz heritage. Katherine
Dunham was known for her leadership of African American jazz dance and started her own dance company. Modern dance started in the early 19th century and started mainly in Germany.
Two people who influenced modern dance were Loie Fuller and Ruth St. Denis. These two women influenced many choreographers till this day with their style and techniques.
Jazz dance started in the early 1700’s in Africa. Through the slave trade, jazz dance came to America opening up many new styles of dance. African dances were converted into American dances by the blending of cultural American and African dances. By the 1830’s, minstrel shows became popular. These shows were known to have a theme throughout the whole performance.
Minstrel shows moved into the trend of “Blackface”. This was when white performers would paint their faces black to embody the characteristics of black people.
By the 1870’s Vaudeville performances began to develop. These shows were different from Minstrel shows because the acts had nothing to do with each other. Vaudeville
performances were variety shows that could include musicians, impersonators, acrobats, and

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