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I was looking forward to my first live jazz experience after learning what I have in class. I went to one of the jazz performances at the school last year, but back then I knew little to nothing about jazz. Now I had at least a little knowledge.For this response I was not able to go to a performance specific event. I got to go to the Alison event. I was almost liked this better. It was really laid back and I did not feel out of place. I had never been to the Allison Inn before so I thought this would be a fun opportunity. I knew about it. My friends and I had driven through it but never had I been inside. It was what your typical 4.5 star! Hotel would look like on the inside. The lobby was gorgeous. It was so nice it made me feel underdressed,…show more content…
I would choose live over recorded in almost any situation. The jazz at this event reminded me of cool jazz. It was not overpowering and I did not feel an overwhelming urge to dance. The timbre of the saxophone was not super bright and was more warm and soothing. The music provided for a great environment. I could sit and focus on the song and be happy or I could enjoy the environment with some polite music in the background.The texture of the music was mostly homophonic from what I could tell. The piano player would play chords and then the Sax would come in and they would play music that i am assuming they both knew, sort of like a jam session. I wonder if this happened again it would be different songs or the same ones. The rhythm was pretty upbeat and not all too complicated. I think the music must have included quite a bit of improvisation as they would be playing for a while before taking a break. I mean they could have changed songs, but sometimes it just sounded like they kept making new melodies for the same song. I liked it. It seemed very free. The music made me feel welcome. It was sort of like an ice breaker. I did not feel like every move I made everyone would be paying attention to me. I liked the music. I do not know If i would listen to it regularly, but I could chill to it. Especially if I have nothing else to do. Because now i can stop and try and listen for different musical elements to sharpen my mind. I liked this event. It was relaxed
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