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Jazz in New Orleans Jazz is such a unique and distinguished genre of music that delights the ear of every person who listens to it. Found in New Orleans, it grew in fame all around the world and will always be popular. Why New Orleans? The history of the founding jazz and what impacted it is astonishing. The 19th century was a century that united different ethnic groups such as German, French, Irish, Spanish, African and Italian together, these ethnicities had one main thing in common – the same taste in music. How did Jazz develop and what were the main causes of it being found in New Orleans? New Orleans was founded as a part of the French Louisiana colony in the year of 1718. We know that the Louisiana territory was taken away from us…show more content…
The biggest impact on the style, particularly jazz music was the African drumming and dancing traditions. In the 1880s brass marching bands gained popularity, which spread across America briefly. Cakewalks and minstrel tunes also gained much popularity with the influence of African-American traditions. By the 1890s, ragtime, syncopated piano compositions, became a major music sensation, in addition, brass bands began to accompany such compositions and music was obtaining new repertoire. Brass bands such as Excelsior and Onward were bands that had formally trained musicians. They would play during dances, concerts and…show more content…
These parades gave many opportunities for young musicians to gain more skills and make their way into the musical industry. “The decade marked the beginning of independent (or indie) record companies” (Tyle, Jazz History: The Standards (1920s)). In the 20th century many jazz musicians, bands, and orchestras moved outside of New Orleans. “The Original Creole Orchestra, featuring Freddie Keppard, was an important early group that left New Orleans, moving to Los Angeles in 1912” (Jazz Origins in New Orleans,

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