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What is Jazz? Jazz originated in the U.S it 's a type of music that has rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisations, and often deliberate of a pitch. Jazz started in the black African American slums of New Orleans at the end of 19th century. Different Types of music such as bebop and swing bands were very popular in the era of 1930’s -1940’s and consisted of many different players such as Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong which were part of Swing Bands, Charlie Parker was a bebop musician , another one of the most famous bebop players is Dizzy Gillespie. Many people believe jazz is the creation of Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B of today 's era and also made fashion become popular. Secondly, reasons why jazz is…show more content…
Jazz influenced things such as the way that women decided to dress. Jazz music originated in the time of women 's suffrage, which was the women 's right to vote. Jazz music lead to a change in their clothing and ultimately influenced a larger role that they played in society. With women being allowed into the workforce more opportunities arose with the spread of jazz music. Some female dancers to jazz music became known as flappers. A flapper was a woman that wore a short skirt, changed their hairstyle and listened to jazz music. This group of women was frowned upon because of their rebellious acts in society but they influenced the youth with their outlandish behavior as well. Although their behavior frowned upon it did bring money to the market. With women finding new ways to dress and inventing different styles magazine started to become popular, clothing and modeling ones in particular.A magazine like Vogue, The Queen were two of the major female fashion magazine. Soon with the increases of different styles stores became incapable of keeping up with the demands of the youth. One of the most famous articles of clothing were dresses began to resemble of "shifts," which had been undergarments for hundreds of years. These dresses had no waistline and were loose, which allowed complete freedom of movement. Arms were cut loosely and skirts approached knee

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