Jazz Music History

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History of the BLUES MUSIC is full of curiosities and mysteries. Critics describe it as a soulful and emotional music. Lyrics is about the lives of African-Americans - their hardships, hopes and loves. It was created in the 19th century on Southern plantations. Slavers or descendants of slaves originated the genre. African spirituals and work songs or chants evolved to create a new genre. In the early 1900s they were mixed with American country folk music gaining characteristic features.
At the beginning Afro-Americans were using very primitive instruments like washboards, handmade guitars, hand claps. Over the years the genre was developing and instruments like piano, saxophone, trumpets, xylophones, bass guitar or drums stared to be used
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Blues music had a special role in creating the genre. It is characterized by swing and blue notes, call and response vocals, polyrhythms and improvisation. Typical instruments are: horns, keyboards, bass, drums, guitar and vocals. Although it was mainly created by black experience in United States, many other cultures have developed the genre in various ways (for example white musicians created 'White Jazz' subgenre, having their own traditions and influences).
Miles Davis and Louis Amstrong were very influential jazz musicians.
SOUL was created in the United States of America between late 1950s and early 1960s. It is a combination of elements from R&B, gospel music and jazz. There is is a special emphasis on the vocal piece. The first soul songs were created when gospel songs lyrics was rewritten. Characteristic factor is the wide variety of instrumentation such as: vocals, piano, drums, horn section, keyboard, Hammond organ, guitars, bass guitar, violin and sometimes even a full orchestra.
In soul music we can perceive catchy rhythms, very simple harmonic progressions , lead vocals and choir, often ‘call and response’ from gospel music, melismas, improvisations, wide variety of timbre, vital or melancholic mood. Lyrics is emotional and sentimental. It can have different time signatures and most common are 2/2, 4/4 and
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It was created in mid-1960s in United States by African-American musicians as a danceable type of music. Instruments such as the electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and electric organs were used to emphasize the rhythm. Very often there was a horn section with instruments such as trombones, trumpets or saxophones. James Brown is a musician that took a very important role in creating the genre. In funk everything relies on the beat, every single sound is congruent to the rhythm. Funk is about timing. Time signature is usually 4/4.
The major genres that influenced funk were R&B and soul music. Artists tried to create an easier to dance and more groovy type of music.
PROGRESSIVE ROCK is a subgenre of rock music originated in United States and the United Kingdom throughout the late 1960s. Listeners can perceive characteristics commonly associated with jazz, classical music or folk. Virtuosic solos, long songs with instrumental parts, use of electric sounds, very deep lyrics - very often philosophical, albums which meant to be perceived as a whole became distinctive features of the genre. Progressive rock also took hippy ideas. Time signature is unstable and variable.
The Beatles is a great example of the band that who influenced progressive rock music. Their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the essence of the musical genre. On the cover we can find inspirations from the avant-garde composers like

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