Jazz Training Center Simulation Essay

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I had a wonderful and insightful trip to the Jazz Training Center. Participating in the simulator has taught me how important safety is with my future career as a flight attendant. Prior to visiting the Simulator my two expectations were that I learned and execute correct emergency announcements and how to evacuate an aircraft in an emergency situation, whether it be a land or ditching. Upon returning from the simulator the expectations I had prior were defiantly met, I enjoyed playing the role of a flight attendant and taking control of the situation while evacuating the aircraft. Although it was stressful leading up to the simulation, I did learn a lot about the importance of correct and precise shout of commands and the quick responds into…show more content…
During the evacuation I felt a lot of stress, I was nervous that once I sat in the jump seat I would blackout and forget my words or mess up the shout of commands and confuse my passengers. Lastly what I heard, during the evacuation I didn’t hear much of anything because it was just a simulation the passengers were quite, unlike a real emergency situation where they would be people in panic. What did I learn during the evacuation? I learned how important clear and precise announcements were on board an aircraft, and how quickly an emergency situation can go from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. I defiantly learned after doing the evacuation you must be prepared and adapt to any situation and keep calm and composed. I would recommend this experience to the next class, it showed me how important going through the steps of what to do in an emergency evacuation, this will help me in my future career in becoming a flight attendant. In conclusion, I am grateful I had the opportunity to addend this trip, this experience was an eye opener and has given me the confidence in myself and my abilities when working through simulations during initial training with an
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