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Jazzi- Adventure into the city Once upon a time there was a dog. The dog was named Jasmine but most know her by the name Jazzi. Jazzi was a lonely dog that just sat in her cage mostly everyday because everyone had work or were away at school. Then one day all changed for her when she figured how to get out of her cage. It all started out to be a normal day for Jazzi, waking up, using the bathroom, come inside eat, and then go to her cage. We all said bye to her and left, while little did we know that day she would have an adventure of a lifetime. After we had left, about an hour later she had figured out how to get out. When Cameron put her in her cage that morning he had not closed the cage all the way so it was loose and Jazzi apparently…show more content…
When she realizes that the door has shut she decides to go out and try to go to one of her doggy friends in the house next door but they were not home. At this point of the day she became very thirsty and decided to head to the city. In the city she found all sorts of people, that were obnoxiously loud that it seemed windows could break. She didn’t like it in the city and decided amongst herself to go home, but then the animal control showed up and caught her. She was so terrified that she went to the bathroom right on the person 's shoe, and the man said “well there 's another dog that pooped on my shoe”. Then the guy put her in the truck and put her in a cage exactly like the one she knew how to bust out of and she was so thrilled she jumped and turned in circles. Once she busted out she started helping the other animals escape, and they all worked together to escape the kennel and they all ran out of it and scattered different ways so they wouldn’t all get caught. Once she knew she was in the clear she just wanted to go home when all of a sudden she saw before and went to it and started remembering her surroundings and figured her way to get
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