Jb Hi-Fi Case Study

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JB Hi-Fi Limited (JBH) 1. Macro economic factors and Industry Analysis a. Describe the firms economic environment and evaluate how this has impacted historic firm performance and is likely relevant to future performance. b. Perform an industry analysis and evaluate the level of competition in the industry/ies that your firm operates 2. Business Strategy Analysis Identify the key success factors and risks of the firm 's strategy and the sustainability of profits generated by the strategy given the threat of competition. Interim Report – Industry and Company Analysis EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rating Company Date JB Hi-Fi Limited (JBH) 9th March 2015 Consumer electroncics Price at $17.56 JB Hi-Fi is one of the largest Australian specialty retailers of home entertainment products, focusing on consumer electronics, car sound systems, and music and DVDs. It is a chain store operation headquartered in Melbourne. The business was started with a single store in Melbourne in 1974 and grew to 10 stores by the time it was acquired by the Existing Shareholders in August 2000.…show more content…
In FY14, the Company reported sales of $3.8billion, with a total sales growth of 5.3%, while that of the industry was 2.0%. The most value-added attribute is JBH has always been supported by a low cost model, which enables it to offer to customers a wide range of products at a competitive price. JBH’s closest competitors include Harvey Normans, Dick Smith, Big W, Kmart, The Good Guys, Betta Electrical. It was first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 23th October
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