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This document contains a brief explanation of my three-month internship program at JBM Intercultural Communication company. As a final requirement of my AP Degree program in Marketing Management at Dania Academy of Business and Technology, Viborg, Denmark. A brief explanation of what I learnt and my contribution in the tasks given to me at JBM. Doing lots of practical work, sorting our documents, interviews with individuals and market research.
My objective towards this internship was to attain important information that will be of importance to me when writing my final exam project. I looked forward to Participating in writing, communication materials, and analysing a successful market research whereby giving my
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Working at JBM was a very exciting experience for me. The level of open communication was something I admire the most. The work life balance was quite stressful but was a fulfilling path on my side. Teamwork between team members was impressive. My assistance as an intern at JBM contributed to the growth of the company’s future business strategy which seems as a starting point of my future career goals.
JBM Intercultural Communication might be a small company with less employees, but it is also one of the best environment I will love to find myself working in. My internship program wasn’t one of the best internship ever, but it was one of the best experience I have ever encountered. It provided me with significant professional growth and the opportunity to develop my expertise as a Marketing
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