Jealousy And Betrayal In Othello

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“Othello” by William Shakespeare mainly describes about love, jealousy and betrayal. When we consider about some of the characters the play’s protagonist and the hero was Othello. Othello was well respected by all those around him and he was a physically powerful figure. Although he was very fluent, he believes in his words and manners are both rough. Desdemona was the Othello’s wife and she was almost overly cultured. She was stronger than Othello believes her to be and was determined and self-possessed. She was capable of taking care of her marriage. Iago was young and faithless man. He was immoral but very perceptive, violent and able to aim people into falling into his deceits. Cassio was young and he was not much experienced. He was Othello’s lieutant. He was so faithful to Othello. Emilia was Iago’s wife and attendant of Desdemona. She was…show more content…
But Othello was at the sea and cassio arrives. Iago. Emilia and Desdemona were in another ship. At last Othello had arrived and he was glad to see Desdemona. Iago had tolg Rodrigo that Rodrigo still has a chance to takr Desdemona because Iago had suspect that Cassio loves Desdemona. Iago decided to kill Cassio and after that he thinks that then Cassio will leave Desdemona to Rodrigo. Then Iago had convinced Cassio to drink, because Iago knew that Cassio can’t hold the liquor. Then Iago had stroked a fight between Rodrigo and Cassio and Montano tried to break up the fight, and then the fight had a wake Othello. Iago had filled Othello’s mind with wrong ideas about Cassio and after Cassio’s name was ruined, because Cassio had lost his reputation and rank. After creating such a ruckus Imago tried to convince Cassio that if he spoke to Desdemona, he can get her assure for him with Othello and Iago knew that he wiil be able to make their friendship agaist Cassio and
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